Friday, February 17, 2012

AT&T MiFi 2372 Generic firmware

Updated 2012/Nov/6 - Give a nice thanks on the blog if this helps. Thanks :)

Only hardware version less than 1.3. Read at end for versions 1.3 and greater.
This will automatically unlock your MiFi. No need for tools like dc-unlocker or the Novatel sim unlock tool.

Be sure and take any SIM/microSD out while flashing it.. [~70MB]

# made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows.
# from
# SHA1
06a7462a8e84a0e0cdaef3c4d58a04e82361f916 *

*The default Wifi Password is 12345
*The default login pasword is admin

*AT&T DATA ONLY SIM uses the apn
no username/password or auth.

I had to go to internet -> settings -> network technology -> 3G -> apply and then battery pull to get the card to recognize 3G.

iPhone had 3G so I had just battery pulled it, but it came back up with the same issue. So I forced the MiFi with the above instructions and all is well now.

The card is getting about .25Mbps more than with AT&T firmware, on a continuous basis.

*Secondary unlock method
pastebin version:
  The coveted iso no one can find: [backup - don't use unless the first one doesn't work and also let me know]

Email me jason.sands @ the-regular-gmail-com-domain and I will attempt to help you. Contact a tech friend for face-to-face help first if you don't know what 7z, zip, iso, and/or sha1 are.


  1. those links go to empty web sites:

    Index of /content/files/MiFi
    [ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
    Apache/2.2.21 (Amazon) Server at Port 80

    And nothing to download.

  2. Hello. Email me jason.sands @ the-regular-gmail-com-domain and I will fix you up.

    1. need your help to unlock my mifi 2372

    2. Hi. I'm experiencing an issue after accidentally upgrade my 2372 mifi at&t with the Bell firmware. I am now looking for the generic version of the 2372 at&t. Can you help. My email is

    3. He plainly spelled it out for you.

      The highlight that says *Generic:

  3. Of all the views, only about ten people have e-mailed me. They update using the firmware, and it works perfectly!

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  5. It worked for me! thank you Jason for your help!

  6. It worked great for me! I had an ATT box to unlock and re-flash - Jason helped me to understand the issue and provided very useful links.

  7. First you will need these drivers:

    Be sure and take any SIM/microSD out while flashing it..

    Generic firmware: [~70MB]

    # made with checksum.. point-and-click hashing for windows.
    # from
    # SHA1
    06a7462a8e84a0e0cdaef3c4d58a04e82361f916 *

  8. hi!
    I downloaded the firmware and what to do now? sorry, had not engaged in this ...

  9. Thanks, Its a very useful Info.

  10. So mine must have been a later stocked unit because it was locked. I called ATT and got a code and then followed the procedure here

    CP from above link...


    Obtain a SIM card from a carrier other than AT&T
    Remove the battery and note down the IMEI
    Call AT&T Wireless customer service and request your free subsidy code (10 digits)

    You need Novatel's MobiLink 3 software package suite to unlock the MiFi. No sketchy unlocking software necessary, nothing to buy if your device has been out of AT&T service for more than 90 days. There are two ways to guarantee that you obtain the proper MobiLink3 software package tailored for the MiFi 2372.

    METHOD 1: Search for the ISO filename directly

    20418676.Novatel.Multi-Product.001.iso (available in a ZIP archive)

    METHOD 2: Locate and download the Novatel MiFi 2372 generic firmware package

    Run it, make sure a window pops up, but DO NOT FLASH YOUR DEVICE'S FIRMWARE TO THE GENERIC VERSION
    With the program running, navigate to C:\Windows\Temp\MUU and locate the ISO file there
    Abort the upgrade process and close the program

    Extract contents of the ISO using an appropriate program, e.g., 7zip.

    LiteAuto.exe - run this, it should silently install device drivers, if you haven't already
    Installer.exe - run this next, this should install MobiLink 3

    The actual unlocking process:

    Now put a non-AT&T SIM card into your MiFi and plug it into your computer via USB WITHOUT a battery inside the MiFi.
    Run the MobiLink 3 software, it should say say that your device is network locked
    Enter in your 10 digit subsidy code--the dialog window may say that you have 0 attempts remaining, that's normal, enter in your code anyways
    Once accepted, your MiFi will restart. It's now unlocked!

  11. 20418676.Novatel.Multi-Product.001.iso is the files that i cannot find, so please any link or source please.... thanks


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  14. Hello, i'm looking for some info and can't find, maybe you can help... After i flashed at&t mifi with generic firmware, cant get network, seems that is doesn't work with 900/1800 on 2g, and 2100 on 3g. Do you know if that firmware is only for us frequencies?

    1. Hi celio I use it with 900/1800freq I flashed with 20418764_MUU_MiFi23x2_FW5.26.2_ML3.00.57_NvtlGeneric_v1.2_pkg

      and works like a charm
      give me your email and I will send to you

  15. Thanks, it worked for me. AT&T provided me the code

  16. It still says network locked..
    FLashed twice with your files, and made sure there was no sim inserted, any other ideas suggestions_



  17. error al actualizar y no termina de reiniciarse lleva 5 dias