Tuesday, January 7, 2014

VMware Workstation autostart

I am running OpenVPN at home and want to have VPN available when my computer unknowingly reboots or Windows 8 automatically does Windows Updates and reboots, even though I have it set not to do that.

·         Allow shared VMS (Edit -> Preferences)

·         Put VM in sharedvm subdirectory
o   D:\virtualbox\working\sharedvm\OpenVPN_OVA
§  OpenVPN-AS-Appliance-2.0.1.vmx and vmdk is in this directory

·         Double click on the vmx file

·         It opens…

o   Make sure it shows under Shared VMs. If not, just drag and drop it.

 · Click on Shared VMs. and then "Manage AutoStart VMs"

·        Enable virtual machine(s) you want to autostart.

·     DONE!

Optionally, you can have it start when you login to Windows. Just put this in the start folder:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmrun.exe" -T ws start "D:\virtualbox\working\OpenVPN_OVA\OpenVPN-AS-Appliance-2.0.1.vmx"

Some people may need the following sentence: change attributes to where your VM is located and the correct vmx name.

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